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Vision audacieuse et brillante du futur de l’humanité couronnée par le Nebula du meilleur roman, 2312 est sans doute le roman le plus accompli de Kim Stanley Robinson et assurément l'une des oeuvres de science-fiction les plus ambitieuses de la décennie.

Revue de presse

"A magnificent achievement...hugely imaginative and beautifully written."―Booklist (Starred Review) on 2312

"2312 paints an absolutely credible and astonishingly beautiful picture of the centuries to come, of the sort of schism and war, the art and love, the industry and ethics that might emerge from humanity going to space without conquering it and without solving all its problems."―Boingboing

"Robinson's extraordinary completeness of vision results in a magnificently realized, meticulously detailed future in which social and biological changes keep pace with technological developments."―Publishers Weekly

"Intellectually engaged and intensely humane in a way SF rarely is, exuberantly speculative in a way only the best SF can be, this is the work of a writer at or approaching the top of his game."―Iain M. Banks

"2312 is a monumental tour-de-force that re-imagines the solar system in ways no one has envisioned before. Whether comparing the compositions of Beethoven to those of skylarks and warblers, or describing a life-threatening sunrise on Mercury, Robinson fills 2312 with joy and exuberance, danger and fear, and the steadily mounting suspense of a mystery that spans the planets. This is the finest novel yet from the author who gave us the Mars Trilogy and GALILEO'S DREAM. An amazing accomplishment."―Robert Crais

"Inherently epic stuff... expect interplanetary strife, conspiracies, more big ideas than most SF authors pack into a trilogy... [yet] this is ultimately in so many respects a book about Earth... a wise and wondrous novel"―SFX

"Complex and sometimes bewildering, 500 pages crammed full of strange but decent characters whose actions play out against a vastly constructed utopian background."―Guardian

"A feast for the imagination and intellect - shockingly clever"―Sun (UK)

"A brilliant, plausible account of how humans might colonize planets, moons and asteroids, 2312 is also about the future of art and family."―NPR Books

"This is a grand tour of an intensely imagined interplanetary future of modified human beings, terraformed planets, experiments in economics and sociology and hundreds of other delights. All of it is in Robinson's eloquent, enthusiastic and inimitable prose"―Morning Star (UK)

"In his vibrant, often moving new novel, "2312," Robinson's extrapolation is hard-wired to a truly affecting personal love story. [...] Perhaps Robinson's finest novel, "2312" is a treasured gift to fans of passionate storytelling; readers will be with Swan and Wahram in the tunnel long after reaching the last page."―LA Times

"An sf masterpiece."―Library Journal

"Beautifully written and with strong mental imagery... will change both your imagination and your intellect."―SciFi Now

Biographie de l'auteur

Né dans l'Illinois en 1952, Kim Stanley Robinson a grandi en Californie. Après une thèse consacrée à l'oeuvre de Philip K. Dick, il publie de nombreux romans a nouvelles qui l'imposent sur la scène internationale. Sa Trilogie martienne lui vaudra une renommée mondiale.

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  • Date de publication:6 septembre 2017
  • Éditeur:Éditions Actes Sud
  • Langue:Français

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  • Date de publication:6 septembre 2017
  • Éditeur:Éditions Actes Sud
  • Langue:Français
  • ASIN:B074KHB36V
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